Wappalyzer vs. BuiltWith and Datanyze

Wappalyzer, BuiltWith and Datanyze are data vendors that scan websites to identify technologies. When looking for providers in the technographics space, Wappalyzer is often mentioned as a BuiltWith alternative or Datanyze alternative.

Whilst the three companies have similarities in their offerings, there are of course differences, some of which we'll highlight here.

Open-source core

Wappalyzer is the only web technology profiler built on an open-source core. The advantages of open-source software are undeniable:

  • Crowd-sourced development. Hundreds of developers have helped improve Wappalyzer over the years and continue to do so every day. Anyone can add new technologies and help improve existing technology fingerprints.
  • Transparency. Developing in the open means more eyes on the code base and inaccuracies get fixed faster. In contrast, proprietary software developed in secrecy by a single team or company tends to be updated at a much slower rate.
  • Reliability. Code is developed on online forums, guided by experts. The output is extremely robust, tried and tested code. Open-source code powers about 90% of the internet and is being widely adopted across major enterprises for this reason.

Data accuracy

Wappalyzer is known to be the most accurate technology profiler. While others focus on quantity, Wappalyzer's primary goal is to be the best at what it does.

Thanks to its large user base and community of open-source developers across the globe, Wappalyzer's technology fingerprints are under constant scrutiny. Improvements are made daily and rolled out quickly.

Wappalyzer's data is being updated continuously to ensure only live, actively visited websites are included in technology lookups and lead lists.

Browser extensions

Wappalyzer's free and immensely popular browser extension has more users than all the competition combined: more than a million people use it on a daily basis. The reason this matters is because more users results in more websites being discovered and a larger sample size to accurately determine website traffic. A passionate user base also provides invaluable feedback that helps improve the product.

Wappalyzer's browser extension analyses websites inside the browser, which means it functions offline and even on local networks.

Organic data

Data collected through the browser extension is entirely organic. In contrast, scanning websites with web crawlers alone doesn't reveal a website's popularity or frequency of visits by real people. Wappalyzer's data is largely sourced from the browser extension and supplemented by in-house crawlers to fetch additional types of information, such as contact details and metadata.

Because of this method, Wappalyzer can analyse and index websites inaccessible to crawlers, such as those behind a login.

Accessible and easy to use

Wappalyzer's products are designed to be highly accessible and easy to use by anyone. The browser extension is free forever and does not require an account. You do not need an expensive subscription to access any of Wappalyzer's products, including its APIs.

Laser focus

Wappalyzer's mission is to do one thing, and do it extremely well. For over a decade, its sole focus has been on technographics. The company has remained independent for over a decade and built a reputation for being the best and most accurate web technology profiler.

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