Technology driven lead generation

Sell and market more effectively with technographic insights. We track over a thousand technologies accross websites of millions of companies to help you to identify new prospects and increase your addressable market.

Bulk lookup

Look up a number of websites in one go

Supply your own list of websites to create a report of the technologies they use, along with contact details and metadata. Gain a better understanding of your target audience with technographic insights.

Upload your list to get an instant and obligation free quote. Results are available within hours, depending on the size of the list. Websites we haven't seen before are crawled and analysed immediately.

Upload your list

Upload your list
  • Upload a .txt file containing URLs, each on a separate line
  • URLs must start with http:// or https://
  • Include up to 5,000 URLs
  • The resulting list is in CSV and JSON format (sample)
Select a file...
Attribute sets

Choose one or more attribute sets to include. Limited availability.

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