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Development setup

First, ensure you have all of the following:

Then, fork the repository on GitHub and clone it. Enter the newly created directory, install dependencies with Yarn and run yarn run link to complete the setup.

$ git clone<your_github_username>/wappalyzer.git
$ cd wappalyzer
$ yarn install
$ yarn run link


Wappalyzer is available on multiple platforms. Core functionality is contained within src/wappalyzer.js. Platform specific code is in src/drivers.

Follow the steps below to run Wappalyzer from source.

Chrome and Edge extensions

  • Go go about:extensions
  • Enable 'Developer mode'
  • Click 'Load unpacked'
  • Select src/drivers/webextension

Firefox add-on

  • Go go about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox
  • Click 'Load Temporary Add-on'
  • Select src/drivers/webextension/manifest.json


Run Wappalyzer directly on the command line using Node.js. For available options, other uses and examples, see the documentation.

$ node src/drivers/npm/cli.js

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