Identify technology on websites

Wappalyzer is a cross-platform utility that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It detects content management systems, ecommerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools and many more.

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In the last six months, Wappalyzer identified 1,162 technologies
52,285,725,460 times on 69,405,287 websites

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Find out what technology a website is built with.

Identify technologies in bulk with the Lookup API.

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Market leaders

These are the leading technologies per industry.

Category Market Leader
Accounting Akaunting Akaunting
Advertising Networks Google AdSense Google AdSense
Analytics Google Analytics Google Analytics
Blogs WordPress WordPress
Build CI Systems Jenkins Jenkins
Cache Tools Varnish Varnish
CDN CloudFlare CloudFlare
CMS WordPress WordPress
Comment Systems Disqus Disqus
Containers Docker Docker
Control Systems Saia PCD Saia PCD
CRM Salesforce Salesforce
Cryptominer CoinHive CoinHive
Database Managers phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin
Databases MySQL MySQL
Dev Tools GitLab GitLab
Document Management Systems Open Journal Systems Open Journal Systems
Documentation Tools Sphinx Sphinx
Ecommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce
Editors DreamWeaver DreamWeaver
Feed Readers Planet Planet
Font Scripts Google Font API Google Font API
Hosting Panels Plesk Plesk
IaaS Amazon ECS Amazon ECS
Issue Trackers Atlassian Jira Atlassian Jira
JavaScript Frameworks React React
JavaScript Graphics Chart.js Chart.js
JavaScript Libraries jQuery jQuery
Landing Page Builders Elementor Elementor
Live Chat
LMS Moodle Moodle
Load Balancer Amazon ELB Amazon ELB
Maps Google Maps Google Maps
Marketing Automation MailChimp MailChimp
Media Servers Wowza Media Server Wowza Media Server
Message Boards phpBB phpBB
Miscellaneous Twitter Emoji (Twemoji) Twitter Emoji (Twemoji)
Mobile Frameworks jQuery Mobile jQuery Mobile
Network Storage Synology DiskStation Synology DiskStation
Operating Systems Windows Server Windows Server
PaaS GitHub Pages GitHub Pages
Payment Processors PayPal PayPal
Photo Galleries NextGEN Gallery NextGEN Gallery
Programming Languages PHP PHP
Remote Access ShellInABox ShellInABox
Reverse Proxy Nginx Nginx
Rich Text Editors TinyMCE TinyMCE
SaaS Zendesk Zendesk
Search Engines Algolia Realtime Search Algolia Realtime Search
SEO Yoast SEO Yoast SEO
Static Site Generator Hugo Hugo
Tag Managers Google Tag Manager Google Tag Manager
UI Frameworks Bootstrap Bootstrap
User Onboarding Instabot Instabot
Video Players YouTube YouTube
Web Application Frameworks Microsoft ASP.NET Microsoft ASP.NET
Web Mail RoundCube RoundCube
Web Server Extensions OpenSSL OpenSSL
Web Servers Apache Apache
Widgets Facebook Facebook
Wikis Atlassian Confluence Atlassian Confluence