Technology driven lead generation

Sell and market more effectively with technographic insights. We track over a thousand technologies accross websites of millions of companies to help you to identify new prospects and increase your addressable market.

Frequently asked questions

What is technographics?

Technographics is the profiling of target accounts based on their technology stack. Also see 'What is technographics?'.

What information is included in the lead lists?

Our lead lists are lists of websites that use certain technologies. Where available, version numbers and languages are included as well as a traffic indicator ('trafficRank'). Additional attribute sets are included on request, such as email addresses and website meta data. A free sample is provided with every quote.

What segmentation options are available?

Lead lists can be filtered by IP country, top-level domain and language.

What is IP country?

IP country is the country a website's IP address belongs to. Typically this is where the website is hosted, which can be indicative of the location the business that owns the website operates from.

Do you supply company or contact information?

Yes, subject to availability. We look for publicly listed phone numbers, email address and LinkedIn profiles on website's contact pages. See Attribute sets for more information.

How is the information being collected?

We collect information through the browser extensions and web crawlers. Our methods ensure only actively visited websites are included in the lists. Technology data is corroborated across multiple sources to ensure accuracy.

How fresh is the data?

The data is being updated and added to continuously and is never more than three months old.

How do you determine website traffic?

Website traffic is tracked using the browser extensions. The install base provides a large enough sample set to determine which websites receive more traffic than others, resulting in a relative traffic marker referred to as 'trafficRank'.

Can I use a different payment method?

Please contact us if you wish to pay via bank transfer or Bitcoin, or discuss options.

What is your refund policy?

If you're not satisfied with the quality of a list for any reason, we will issue a full refund.

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