Technology driven lead generation

Sell and market more effectively with technographic insights. We track over a thousand technologies accross websites of millions of companies to help you to identify new prospects and increase your addressable market.


Technographics is a market research methodology used to profile target accounts based on their technology stack. For many companies, especially those offering a SaaS product, the technology a prospect uses can be a strong qualifying factor.
Whether you're a developer, online marketer, security researcher or SEO consultant, you've likely looked at a website and wondered 'what CMS is this website using'? There are several ways to check the technology of a website, which we'll explore in detail.
Most web technologies, including server-side software such as CMSs, leave trails of evidence of their presence in websites' HTML code. This code is publicly accessible, which is necessary for browsers to render and display the page. Wappalyzer is known to be very proficient exposing these technologies through various fingerprinting methods.
Wappalyzer, BuiltWith and Datanyze are data vendors that scan websites to identify technologies. When looking for providers in the technographics space, Wappalyzer is often mentioned as a BuiltWith alternative or Datanyze alternative.

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