Wappalyzer vs. BuiltWith

Looking for a BuiltWith alternative? Wappalyzer is cheaper and more accurate.

Wappalyzer and BuiltWith are technology profilers that provide tools for lead generation, market research and business intelligence. The two companies share common background: both are Australian-based and founded at around the same time (2007-2008).

The commonalities don't end there. With either provider, you can:

  • Uncover the technologies that power any given website.
  • Create lists of websites and contacts that use certain technologies.
  • Deep-dive into technology trends market shares.
  • Enrich your own data with technology information.
  • Monitor your competition's technology stacks.

There are of course differences, some of which we'll highlight here.

Feature comparison

Website, company and contact lists
Advanced filtering by keywords, traffic, industry
Data enrichment
API access
CRM integrations
Browser extension
Full dataset reverified monthly
Technology versions
Organic traffic (people, not crawlers)
Crowd-sourced technology fingerprints

Data accuracy

Consistent customer feedback confirms that Wappalyzer is the most accurate technology profiler. Wappalyzer's data is updated daily, ensuring only actively visited websites are included in technology lookups and lead lists. The focus is on quality, not quantity.

Every website tracked by Wappalyzer is reverified at least once a month. BuiltWith apears to do this roughly once a quarter, often including stale data in reports.

Thanks to an active community of developers, Wappalyzer's crowd-sourced technology fingerprints are constantly reviewed and improved and technologies are added daily.


Wappalyzer's data is largely sourced from a browser extension, supplemented by in-house crawlers. The browser extension is used by 2M users on a daily basis (many times more than BuiltWith), providing a large sample size to measure website traffic and track live websites. This method allows scanning of pages that crawlers typically can't reach, such as shopping carts, checkouts and sections behind a login.

BuiltWith pricing

BuiltWith charges a high monthly price, starting at $295 for the Basic plan, limiting access to two technologies and only including 2,000 technology lookups. API credits and multiple logins are only included if you upgrade to their $995 Team plan.

Wappalyzer pricing

Wappalyzer offers lower prices and includes a greater number of technology lookups at each plan tier.

Additionally, API credits, multiple logins and integrations are included in our mid-tier Business plan, whereas they are only available in BuiltWith’s highest tier.

Billing Monthly
Annually (2 months free)
Lead list technologies
CRM integration
API credits
Custom contracts, sublicensing
For individuals and startups with fixed scope needs
$250 / mo
Chat, email, phone
Best value
Fully featured for sales and marketing teams
$450 / mo
Chat, email, phone
Tailored for high volume use and large teams
$850+ / mo
Account manager
Empower your sales and marketing teams

Use our tools for lead generation, market analysis and competitor research.

Website profiling
Find out what websites are built with.
Lead generation
Find prospects by the technologies they use.
Market research
Compare market shares and technology trends.
Competitor analysis
Discover who uses competitors' software.
Data enrichment
Technology, company and contact information.
Custom reports
Create lists of websites and contacts.
Website monitoring
Monitor website technology changes.
Browser extension
See the technologies on websites you visit.
CRM integration
See the technologies of your leads.
Email verification
Improve delivery and mailing list quality.
API access
Instant and real-time technology lookups.
Security recon
Reveal web technologies and version numbers.

Wappalyzer works with the tools you use every day.


See the technologies of websites you visit in your browser.


See the technologies of websites you visit in your browser.


See the technologies of websites you visit in your browser.


See the technologies of websites you visit in your browser.


See the technology stacks of your leads in your CRM.


See the technology stacks of your leads in your CRM.


See the technology stacks of your leads in your CRM.


See the technology stacks of your clients and prospects in your CRM.


Automated workflows and email marketing.


Connect Wappalyzer to the apps you use, no code required.


Connect Wappalyzer to the apps you use, no code required.


See the technology stacks of your contacts in Gmail.


Wappalyzer in your pocket.


Wappalyzer in your pocket.

Wappalyzer is trusted by thousands of professionals world-wide

Wappalyzer has proven to be a great tool to help us break down the aggregate analysis of how the web is doing by various technologies. Ilya Grigorik
Principal Engineer at Shopify
These days you need advanced marketing tools to stand out from the competition. Wappalyzer help us do just that. Thomas Alibert
Growth Engineer at PayFit
I use Wappalyzer all the time and it's been invaluable in being relevant in my outreach. Michael Petselas
Customer Growth Specialist at HubSpot
Wappalyzer is an integral part of our sales process, enabling us to optimise lead segmentation at scale. It’s a total game changer for our organisation. Roman Schweiger
Head of Business Development at Boomerank
Wappalyzer has been such a useful part of the HTTP Archive dataset. It's enabled us to slice the data in new ways and discover more interesting insights about the state of the web. Rick Viscomi
Senior DevRel Engineer at Google
Wappalyzer is helping our sales teams to understand prospects better and faster by having a clear view on their tech stack. Rabin Nuchtabek
Chief Growth Engineer at Skedify

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