What is technographics?

Technographics is a market research methodology used to profile target accounts based on their technology stack. For many companies, especially those offering a SaaS product, the technology a prospect uses can be a strong qualifying factor.

Why does technograpics matter?

Much like how demographics and firmographics describe people and companies, technographics describe the technologies used by a target audience. With technographic data, sales and marketing teams can gain an understanding of a company’s technology investments and buying signals.

Technographics profiling enables you to answer questions like:

  • What commerce software does our target audience use?
  • Do they offer and use cloud-based solutions?
  • Do they invest in marketing automation?

Technographic data allows you to know who you're up against and stay competitive.

Technographics in sales and marketing

Technographic data reveals who uses the product or services offered by your competitors. Sales and marketing teams can use technographic insights to qualify leads, tailor the sales process with personalized messages and identify new market opportunities.

Technographics helps paint a picture of your target audience before engaging and converting them into customers.

Accessing technographic data

Wappalyzer has pioneered the field of technographics for more than a decade. We track the websites of millions of companies and the technologies they use. Our easy-to-use tools make technographic data accessible to anyone.

Create lists of websites that use certain technologies with Lead lists, including email addresses, phone numbers and LinkedIn profiles.

Use Bulk lookup to enrich your own list of websites with technographic data.

Monitor your prospects' technology stack with Alerts, notifying you of any changes via email.

Or, automate using our APIs. We offer instant technology lookups and real-time scraping of websites.

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