Our APIs provide programmatic access to our comprehensive database of websites and companies, as well live analysis of websites and email addresses.

The APIs…

  • Conform to REST principles
  • Return JSON data
  • Require authentication
  • Are metered and rate-limited
  • Are HTTPS only


API calls cost credits. Credits are included in selected plans. Additional credits can be purchased at any time.


API keys are used for authorized access. Sign up to create an API key.

Request header Value
x-api-key Your API key

Callback signatures

Requests to your callback endpoint can optionally be signed to allow you to verify the request was made by us. To enable signing, create a signing secret.

To verify a request, create a SHA256 hash of the signing secret appended with the raw JSON request body. The request is valid if the hash matches the hash in the wappalyzer-signature header in the request.

sha256(secret + body) == signature
Request header Value
wappalyzer-signature SHA256 hash

Response codes

The APIs return HTTP status codes in addition to JSON-based responses.

HTTP code Description
200 The request was completed successfully
400 There was an error with the request
403 Authorisation failure (incorrect API key, invalid method or resource or insufficient credits)
429 Rate limit exceeded

Credit balance

Every successful response includes headers with the numbers of credits that were spent and your remaining balance.

Header Description
wappalyzer-credits-spent The number of credits deducted
wappalyzer-credits-remaining Your credit balance

Alternatively, you can get your remaining credit balance by calling a separate endpoint:





curl -H "x-api-key: <your api key>" ""


{ "credits": 100000 }

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