Connect Wappalyzer to Pipedrive to see the technology stacks of your leads without leaving your CRM.

When installed, a panel is added to the sidebar on people and organisations in Pipedrive showing the technologies on used on their website.

You can also permanently enrich all organisation records at once with a sync, and automatically update new records using a webhook. This information is yours to keep and can be used to create custom reports in Pipedrive.

Getting started

Field mappings

For people, Wappalyzer uses the persons's email address to determine the website domain and show the technologies in use for that website.

For Wappalyzer data to show up on organisations in Pipedrive, you must first specify which custom field is used to store the organisation's website.

In Pipedrive settings, go to Data fields Organization Custom fields and create or find a custom field that contains the website URL for organisations.

Select the field on the Pipedrive integration page in your account.

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