Email verification

Verify email addresses before sending to improve delivery. A high bounce rate lowers your sender reputation and you risk getting blocked by email providers.




Property Description
Execution Synchronous
Request timeout 30 seconds
Rate limit 5 requests per second
Pricing 1 credit per email address

Query string parameters

Name Description
email (required) Email address (e.g.

Response body

Name Description
email The input email address, e.g.
domain The domain portion of the email address, e.g.
reachable One of safe, risky, invalid or unknown.
disposable The email address is provided by a known disposable email provider.
roleAccount Role accounts like and are typically associated with a team or company rather than a person.
mxValid The domain has valid MX DNS records.
connection The SMTP server accepts connections.
inboxFull The recipient's inbox is full.
catchAll The email address is a catch-all address.
deliverable Emails to this address are deliverable.
disabled The recipient's inbox is disabled.
syntaxValid The email address is syntactically valid.



curl -H "x-api-key: <your api key>" ""


{ "email": "", "domain": "", "reachable": "risky", "disposable": false, "roleAccount": true, "mxValid": true, "connection": true, "inboxFull": false, "catchAll": false, "deliverable": true, "disabled": false, "syntaxValid": true }

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