Connect Wappalyzer to HubSpot to see the technology stacks of your leads without leaving your CRM.

When installed, a card is added to the sidebar on company records in HubSpot. In addition to technologies, you'll also see any email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, trackers and website meta data we have on record.

You can also permanently enrich all company records at once with a sync, and automatically update new records using a webhook. This information is yours to keep and can be used to create custom reports in HubSpot.

Getting started

Field mappings

To permanently enrich company records in HubSpot, you must first map technology categories in custom company properties in HubSpot (see the documentation on how to create custom properties). The properties can be in any group but must of type 'single line text'.

To set up field mappings, go to the HubSpot integration page in your account.


The HubSpot integration is available on PRO plans.

Permanently enriched records cost 1 credit each. Records can be enriched using a sync or organisation webhook. Card usage is free.

Refer to the Pricing page for more information about credits and plans.

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